Vladimir Nikora

Professor Vladimir Nikora is Sixth Century Chair in Environmental Fluid Mechanics at the School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen (UK), where he serves as Leader and Academic Line Manager of the Mechanics of Fluids, Soils and Structures Research Group. His main research accomplishments relate to the development and applications of new approaches and concepts for describing and predicting rough-bed turbulent flows, sediment dynamics, and hydraulic resistance. A growing part of his current research relates to the development of Hydrodynamics of Aquatic Ecosystems as an interfacial branch of fluid mechanics, biomechanics, and ecology. 

Professor Nikora was an Editor of IAHR Journal of Hydraulic Research, JHR (2011-2016) and Associate Editor for AGU Water Resources Research (2006-2011) and ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (2007-2011). He is currently one of Advisory Editors for the IAHR Journal of Ecohydraulics and an AE for JHR. Vladimir Nikora is Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) and the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Scotland National Academy). He is a recipient of 2010 Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award and 2017 Hans Albert Einstein Award of the American Society of Civil Engineers and 7th M. Selim Yalin Lifetime Achievement Award of IAHR.

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