Ming Li

Dr. Ming Li is a Professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. He obtained his B.Eng from Hohai University, China and Ph.D from University of Oxford, U.K. Dr. Li’s research spans several areas in oceanography, including estuarine and coastal dynamics, sea level rise, storm surge, air-sea interaction, and turbulent mixing processes. He is also actively engaged in interdisciplinary research to address pressing environmental problems such as hypoxia, ocean acidification, and harmful algal blooms. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers. He is an Associate Editor at Continental Shelf Research and Frontier in Marine Science. A major focus of Dr. Li’s current research is the regional impact of climate change and extreme weather events on estuaries and coastal oceans. With funding support from National Science Foundation, he has recently established a National Research Coordination Network (RCN) to advance interdisciplinary research for building resilient communities and infrastructure in estuaries and bays.

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