Sai-Wai Chau

Mr. Sai-wai Chau graduated from the University of Hong Kong in civil engineering in 1985.  Mr. Chau became a Member of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (MHKIE) in 1990.

He joined the Water Supplies Department (WSD) of the Hong Kong Government of the People’s Republic of China in 1988.  Since then, he has been working in various Divisions of WSD on all facets of waterworks including water resources planning (including importation of Dongjiang raw water), planning, design & construction of waterworks, consultant management, asset management, operation & maintenance of water supply & distribution, and water loss management.  Mr. Chau was promoted to the Assistant Director of Water Supplies in 2016 and to the Deputy Director of Water Supplies in 2018.  The current major initiatives of the WSD include enhancement of drinking water safety, legislative review of the Waterworks Ordinance, and development of new water resources such as seawater desalination, reclaimed water, grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting, to ensure the water security of Hong Kong, promotion of water conservation by implementation of various education programmes, management of water loss including the establishment of the Water Intelligent Network & use of smart water meters, as well as enhancement of system reliability & efficiency through asset management.

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