Hyoseop Woo

Dr. Woo is currently the vice president of IAHR. He is a professor of School of Environmental Engineering at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST). As researcher and professional engineer, he had worked, before he joined GIST, at Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT, the largest public research institute on infrastructures in Korea employing about 800 employees and managing about $ 140 million annual budget) for 27 years including president-ship of that institute for the last three years (2011-2014). He also worked as co-chair of the Thematic Process Commission as well as member of the International Steering Committee at the 7th World Water Forum in 2015.

Dr. Woo authored more than 200 scientific contributions including one college textbook (in Korean), two book chapters (in English) and five co-authored books and manuals (in Korean), two co-translated books (into Korean), more than 60 refereed journal articles (21 English and 44 in Korean), more than 130 conference papers (60 in English and 71 in Korean). He has also completed 5 national R&D projects and 18 academic and engineering projects and published corresponding reports, respectively.

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