Ecohydraulics II

Nature-Based Solutions

14:00-16:30 UTC | 09:00-11:30 US Eastern Time (UTC-5) | 22:00-00:30 Beijing Time (UTC+8)
Monday, 14 December 2020


Current global challenges call for a strong interdisciplinary approach to mitigate issues like climate change and biodiversity loss in an ever evolving socio-economic landscape. Water and sediments are at the core of many of the issues being both a commodity and carrier of ecosystem services, making that the management thereof is done wisely and with a good understanding of the underlying processes.

During this session presenters will explain connection between basic ecohydraulic research and the implementation thereof in practical situations where nature based solutions (NBS) can be used as alternatives to traditional grey measures. Speakers who are basic and applied scientists will speak to key emerging principles that can guide practitioners in terms of designing and constructing naturally functioning systems. Speakers who are practitioners and policy experts might speak about lessons learned form past and on-going efforts, including what is needed to actually implement NBS and improve ecosystem functioning for the benefits of all.


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Jackie King

Emmanuelle Cohen Shacham

Olcay Ünver

Jochen Hack

William Nardin

Jose Maria Medina Villaverde

Erik van Eekelen

Javier Sánchez Martínez


Ellis Penning


Gregory Pasternack


I. Opening Remarks (10 mins)

  • Ellis Penning and Gregory Pasternack

II. Invited Speeches (each 15 mins)

  1. Nature-based Solutions: from definition to implementation
    Emmanuelle Cohen Shacham (IUCN CEM Nature-based Solutions Themacit Group Lead, USA)

  2. How does hydraulic modelling help elephants and household incomes?
    Jackie King (Honorary Professor in the Institute of Water Studies at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa)

  3. Nature-based solutions are great, but why don’t we see a lot more of them?
    Olcay Unver (Arizona State University; formerly UN-Water and FAO)

  4. Nature-based Solutions in the urban realm - Striving for multi-functionality and co-design
    Jochen Hack (Chair for Ecological Engineering, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany)

  5. Sediment exchange between ecological communities in a coastal Nature Based Solution
    William Nardin (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, USA)

  6. Adapting coastal Works to Natural Evolution - Some Spanish case studies
    Jose Maria Medina Villaverde (Mathematical Models Program Director, CEDEX, Spain)

  7. Flood risks management and nature basin solutions in Spain
    Javier Sánchez Martínez (Deputy Director of water protection and risk management in the Directorate General of Water)

  8. Building with Nature: learnings on enablers for creating, implementing and upscaling Nature-based Solutions
    Erik van Eekelen (Ecoshape, Van Oord, The Netherlands)

III. Discussion (30 mins)

IV. Closing Remarks (5 mins)

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