AI and Water II

Digital Transition for Environmental Preservation

14:00-15:30 UTC | 09:00-10:30 US Eastern Time (UTC-5) | 22:00-23:30 Beijing Time (UTC+8)
Tuesday, 15 December 2020


Pervasive applications of AI and information technologies are providing relevant advantages in solving water related issues. If we look at water-related Sustainable Development Goals, all of them are positively affected by technological advances in computing, sensing, informed decision making, data handling. The fast technological growth of the last decade generated possibilities that were inconceivable in the past century but this improved capacity of sensing and understanding environmental processes created new challenges in order to wisely and effectively use all these new abilities. This session will look broadly at the water environment showing advanced AI applications and giving a glance to the future of water monitoring, modelling, data analysis.


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Tong Zhang

Peter Steen Mikkelsen

Fei Liu

Gigi Karmous-Edwards


Dragan Savic


I. Introduction (5 mins)

  • Dragan Savic, KWR Watercycle Research Institue, the Netherlands

II. Keynote Speech (30 mins)

  • AI Technology Trends and Industrial Applications
    Tong Zhang, Chair Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, and Mathematics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China

III. Invited Speeches (15 mins each)

  1. Let water and data flow – digitalization in progress

    Peter Steen Mikkelsen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

  2. AI+Water: Ideas and Practices

    Fei Liu, Huawei Technologies, China

  3. Digital Twins – A Path Towards Holistic System Management and Infinite Virtual Sensors

    Gigi Karmous-Edwards, Karmous-Edwards Consulting; Founder and Co-Chair of the SWAN Digital Twin Working Group, USA

IV. Discussion and Q&A (10 mins)

V. Session Chair: closes the session

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